QNAP at TAIROS featuring AfoBot, a Smart Robot Used in Healthcare Applications

QNAP’s demo of AfoBot at TAIROS (Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show) 2019 from 8/21-8/24 is located on the 1st floor of TaiNEX 2, P727 in the Service Robot Area. AfoBot showcases its applications in the healthcare field, which includes self-registration, check-up appointments and even connect a card reader for your Health Insurance Card to look up the current appointment status.

AfoBot making an appointment demonstration.


AfoBot description at the booth.


Service Robot Area, P727 on the 1st floor of TaiNEX 2

AfoBot runs on an Android OS and incorporates facial recognition, object tracking, video/voice calls and voice control. All the latest technologies in one.

Some application scenarios include sightseeing/hotels, businesses/consulting, language/education, medical/healthcare, smart retails and smart homes.

Aside from making appointments through AfoBot in the healthcare field, AfoBot is also capable of collecting an infant’s breathing and heartbeat data with the integration of a smart mattress. This allows the infant’s caregiver to understand the infant’s living conditions or simply monitor the infant remotely.

Another example of AfoBot’s practicalities lies with the elderly or patients at home who may have trouble traveling short distances to the AfoBot. With the help of voice control and the family’s health data, Afobot can bring up the user’s health status or be used for its other functionalities.

In the enterprise scenarios, AfoBot’s conference video system can be of great use. Direct conference room reservation and multi-party video would be often used in these cases. Additionally, AfoBot’s screen display can be used to display the enterprise’s content, a counter reception system, facial recognition system or simply advertisement placement.

In a restaurant scenario, AfoBot can be used to control the light, fans or glass tinting.

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