How to Connect a USB Camera to QVR Pro

Add your webcam to QUSBCam2

1. Install QUSBCam2 from the App Center

2. Setup the QUSBCam2 application by opening the app and following the instructions.

3. Ensure that a camera is connected to the NAS via USB.
Then, we can create a channel for our camera to operate on by clicking on the + .

Here, we can choose the channel number, the channel name and format the video output. In this tutorial, we will be using Channel 2 and the default video formatting, specific to our USB camera.
Finally, we can click Apply.
It may take a moment to apply, so be patient!

4. Go into Live View tab from the menu on the left (1), then click on the rightmost icon above our channel to begin a live channel (2).

View the USB Camera in QVRPro

1. If you have already installed QVR Pro, skip to step 6.
Install QVR Pro from the App Center.
(If you are planning on using QVR Face, you must install QVR Pro 1.3.0 or later)

2. Setup QVR Pro by opening the app and following the instructions.

3. Open Camera Settings in QVR Pro.

4. Click on the + to add the USB Camera.

5. If you have already allocated storage space for QVR Pro, skip to step 6.

We need to allocate storage space from our NAS for QVR Pro records.

We will follow the instructions to add a volume dedicated to storing QVR Pro recordings

Finally, we need to add a camera.

6. We need to add a camera from Camera Settings to QVR Pro to start recording.
Click on + if you’re adding your first camera. If not, click on Add.

The application will scan for cameras, so as soon as your camera appears in the list, you can hit Apply to proceed on to the next step.
The scanning process may take some time.

Enter your desired login credentials for the USB camera (1), select the camera (2), test the camera connection (3), and proceed on to the next step (4).

Here, you can setup your camera streaming and recording schedules.
In this tutorial, we will leave these settings as default.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected a USB camera to the QVR Pro!
For further specifications or instructions about QVR Pro, refer to our QVR Pro 1.2 User Guide.

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