How to Begin Recording on Event Detection in QVR Pro

In this tutorial, we will be making the camera begin recording on motion detection.

  1. In QVR Pro, open Event Management
  2. Choose a name for your event and click Next
  3. Under the If list, click on Add to add a trigger event.
  4. Since our goal in this tutorial is to detect motion, we need a device that can do just that. So we will have to configure our detector by clicking here. 
  5. Select QVR Pro as our Detector and click Apply
  6. On the next pop-up, we will select Not now because we are already setting a rule. 
  7. We can then select our camera as the Source and click Ok
  8. Under the Then list, click Add.
  9. We will select our camera to begin recording on event, then click OkNext and finally, Finish

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