Using QNAP NAS to Build an IoT Application and Deploy It, All in One Go

QNAP, Motorcon Inc. and IEI Integration Corp. were joined together at the Taipei International Automation Exhibition 2019, held from 8/21-8/24. Their booth, which is located at booth N1308 on the 4th floor of TaiNEX 1, where they will be showcasing industrial automation, AI and IoT related solutions.

QIoT Suite is an application on the QNAP NAS that utilizes the open-source tools, Node-RED and Freeboard, allowing users to freely and easily develop their own IoT systems. Many support forms of data communication protocols (i.e. OPC UA, MQTT, HTTP and CoAP) in conjunction with an easy-to-use dashboard creates the possibility of a quick connection of development boards and multiple sensors.  The highlight of QIoT Suite 2.0 at Automation Taipei 2019 is the newly developed support of OPC UA, opening up QIoT Suite to a greater potential in industrial applications.

QIoT Suite has been developed to be the complete package for data collection, data processing and data visualization. In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the incorporation of a OPC UA Client can greatly simplify the use of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a gateway or reading/writing data. As a server, it can easily communicate with MES and SCADA systems. Through this method, it may not be necessary to use a different form of data communication between different machines. Instead, the universal use of UPC UA may also help reducing the cost of purchasing machines of compatible brands.

Simplified diagram of a system utilizing QIoT Suite’s OPC UA.

For data processing, QIoT Suite supports a Rule Engine which allows the users to modify and control the data flow of their system, such as specifying which Thing will collect the data sent by sensors. For data visualization, QIoT Suite supports a dashboard which supports many gadgets, in which users can use to customize how they want their data displayed. With QIoT Suite’s dashboard, data can be visualized as see fit.

Example of a simple IoT system.
QIoT Suite dashboard display at the Automation Taipei 2019.
Beijer Electronics, whose booth is located a few meters away (N1214), also uses QIoT Suite in their demo. Many operational technology (OT) devices are connected to the BoX2pro which collects the data and relays it to the end terminal via OPC UA. This is an example of breaking barriers between OT devices with the help of QIoT Suite and BoX2pro. A large monitor on the front of the booth displays the dashboard of this system, through QIoT Suite.


Last but not least, if you would like to learn more about QIoT Suite (in Chinese), you can find a complete explanation on our Facebook page.


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