How to record QIoT Suite Lite data in QVR Pro

How to record QIoT Suite Lite data in QVR Pro?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure QIoT Suite Lite and QVR Pro to record QIoT Suite Lite data and display them in QVR Pro.


Setting QVR Pro

  1. Open Metadata Vault in QVR Pro. You can find it in menu.
  2. Click “Add Data Source”
  3. Enter a name and description for the data source. Click “Apply” when finished.
  4. Metadata URLs will be created and displayed. Copy them, and click “Finish“.
  5. In the Data Source List, go to the data source you just created and click “Camera Pairing
  6. Choose a camera and click “Apply

Setting QIoT Suite Lite

Open the IoT Application to use, and go to the “Rule” page.

  1. Pull an “http request” node to the flow
  2. Click on the http request and open its setting page
  3. Select “POST” for the Method
  4. Enter the Metadata URL you generated in QVR Pro (if QVR Pro and QIoT Suite Lite are installed on the same NAS, then change the IP address to “”
  5. Click “Done


  1. Pull an “inject” node to the flow
  2. Click on the inject and open its settings page
  3. Connect it to the “http request” node
  4. Set up the message in Payload
  5. Click “Done
  6. Click “Save


Click the button on the left side of the “inject” node to trigger the message. You can pull in the debug after “http request” node to view the message status. If debug page returns OK then the message has been successful.

Open QVR Pro Client and you can view the data from QIoT Suite Lite and search for images based on their point in time.

Search using keywords and click  play tothe discovered image

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