How to receive notifications from QIoT Suite Lite?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Notification Center to receive notifications from QIoT Suite Lite. For more information on how to use Notification Center, view the tutorial at:

  1. Open QIoT Suite Lite and go to “Settings” > “Notification”. Click “Configure Notification Rule”.
  2. QIoT Suite Lite will open Notification Center where you will be prompted to choose the types of notifications to receive. After choosing the notification types, click “Next”.
  3. Choose the notifications you want to receive by selecting Severity Levels (Including Information, Warning and Error), setting a Keyword Filter, and/or selecting a Time range. Click “Next”.
  4. Configure the Sender, Recipient, and other Pair settings. Click “Next”.
  5. Review your settings and click “Finish”.
  6. You can confirm your notification settings in QIoT Suite Lite Settings. You can also click “View notification history” to see previous notifications.

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