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Have you heard of NAS? For those who are accustomed to using the cloud service, the free space such as Google Drive and Dropbox is gradually exhausted under uncontrolled use. Meanwhile, the China cloud service, such as 360 and Baidu, also suspended services or transform one by one. Even the Amazon, officially canceled the storage plan for unlimited space, and charged for the amount of space. While users are struggling to move in the cloud, it also shows the advantages of NAS.

Although the initial stage of building a NAS requires a lot of money, the subsequent use of storage space, privacy security or the accompanying audio-visual streaming, backup and other functions are more complete than the simple cloud space!

However, there are hundreds of NAS models, and how do you choose the right one for your product? QNAP official website allows users to recommend the most suitable NAS model according to the purpose of use, such as home, business level, and storage space requirements!

When it comes to NAS’s product positioning, it is initially a business environment that is more biased towards multiple people, so that even colleagues in different departments can access common file resources at any time, eliminating the need to exchange files using emails and flash drives. Of course, to achieve such a function, it must be closely related to the evolution of network technology. Therefore, NAS has been developed so far, which can be said to be a product that integrates various networks, and all functions can be integrated through a single management platform. Including remote access, streaming multimedia, web albums, and even websites and mobile applications are hard to beat. With NAS, there is no longer a fear that cloud service providers will arbitrarily modify the terms, and collect the fees, important file materials, and the most recent access to their devices.

As for why the family needs NAS, the key point is to meet the urgent needs of the family’s digital file storage and management needs, such as family mobile phones, camera travel photos, live video clips, etc., how to manage file management and backup in the past It takes a lot of effort, but it can be easily solved through NAS, and the security of the data is higher than that of the general mobile hard disk. The NAS-based sharing feature allows remote friends and family to easily browse or download these digital files. In addition, security monitoring equipment such as cloud cameras, although very convenient to install, but it is difficult to see the whole situation in the home with only one camera. If the integration function of NAS is used, it can store a large number of video files and multiple cameras at once. At the same time, the management effect, coupled with the entertainment function of digital video streaming, enables NAS to not only store various file resources, but also further transform into a multi-functional media player.

After choosing NAS, you need to know how to use it! QTS 4.3.4, greatly improved the user interface, not only simplify storage space and management, but also emphasize snapshot management visualization, allowing users to accurately grasp the storage space, easier to get started and manage. In the network environment where the ransomware software is in crisis, the snapshot is protected by a block-based protection core, and the copy-on-write technology is used to continuously record the file modification between specific time points. The difference in block level not only reduces the storage space, but also achieves a faster second-speed snapshot capture and restore than file-based snapshots, meeting the enterprise’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and recovery points. (Recovery Point Objective, RPO) is a high requirement.

The power of NAS is not only the management of the file, but also the APP Center can install a variety of applications. Speaking of NAS, it’s so versatile, we don’t have to use it all. In fact, NAS has many similarities with computers. You can install only the functions you need. APP Center has a variety of applications such as file management and productivity tools to create a personalized NAS, but if you are an advanced user, QNAP also develops many exclusive value-added programs.

Take the QIoT and QuAI programs for makers as an example. In the current novel Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, QNAP launched the relevant development kits QIoT and QuAI, which can help developers simplify the development process and easily complete the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in the Utility and beta lab categories in APP Center. Deployment of the field.

QIoT Suite Lite leverages popular tools – Node-RED and Freeboard – to help create IoT environment easily. It supports multiple protocols (MQTT, HTTP and CoAP) and dashboards, and allows for the quick connection of development boards along with multiple sensors. Simply determine the rules engine and dashboard in QIoT Suite Lite to initiate IoT applications within minutes. QIoT Suite Lite also adds MQTTS and HTTPs security layers on the protocol for secure network connections.

AI-based applications and services continue to gain traction in the market, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Within this revolution, the demand for AI computing environments and frameworks is significantly high. QNAP now provides a groundbreaking AI computing platform based on QNAP NAS called QuAI (pronounced “Q A I” ) – QNAP’s AI Developer Package.

QuAI enables data scientists and developers to quickly build, train, optimize, and deploy machine-learning models with high-performance machine-learning algorithms that come with a wide range of supported AI frameworks on top of QNAP’s robust NAS.

For QIoT and QuAI, in addition to the introduction and guidance on the official website, QNAP also setup tutorial and forums, to make the development environment more perfect.

QIoT: https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/tutorial/qiot-suite-lite
QuAI: https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/tutorial/quai

QIoT: https://forum.qnap.com/viewforum.php?f=364
QuAI: https://forum.qnap.com/viewforum.php?f=365

If you still have any question for purchasing and usage, please visit the following website to check relative service.

Question report: https://helpdesk.qnap.com/index.php?

Purchasing channel: https://www.qnap.com/en/before_buy/con_show.php?op=showone&cid=4

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