2018 LASS Annual Seminar: QNAP shares the IoT application of environment monitoring

The issue of environmental protection has caused heated discussion among government, enterprises and folk in recent years. The LASS (Location Aware Sensor System) user and developer seminar ,initiated by the Maker – Mr. Hsu, has gathered the power of local creators to cut into environmental issues and sensing technologies through lectures, discussions, workshops, exchanges, etc.

The third year of the seminar was held at Chiao Tung University on July 21, 2018.This year, water resources was an important issues. In addition to the main seminar, the “Waterthon” and “Water Sensing Workshop” were held in the same place, and made the users and developers gather together to find a supportive force for each person’s sensing project.

TIM, representing QNAP to participate this seminar, not only introduced NAS, QBoatSunny, QIoT Suite Lite, and Container Station which can build the IoT development environment, but also shared the application of environmental monitoring in different fields.

The airbox, made of 3D printer and Arduino nano development board, can sense air humidity, temperature, CO2 and PM2.5 laser dust. The sensors will transmit data to the QIoT suite via WiFi, allowing you to monitor air quality at any time.

UnaStar is an innovative application of bus routes. The system is equipped with Unabell bells on the bus and at the bus stop. The bus will only pass the main line if the Unabell is not triggered. Once the Unabell is pressed by the passengers on the bus or the bus stop, the bus will go through branch line. This will not only enhance the efficiency of the bus, but also improve the problem of the route being too detoured.

Besides, QNAP has also cooperated with various communities to develop ecological and environmental protection systems such as the intelligent farming robot Farmbot and the freshwater quality monitoring system ““Formosan salmon submarine sampling system”. Mr. Hsu once said: “One person is limited, and a group of people will be true.” QNAP will make the world be better through the force of technology and continuous cooperation with the maker community.

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