AfoBot meets i-GlucoPal, providing an at-home health manager for the elderly

According to Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C, the aging population of Taiwan has account for more than 14% in the 107 year. It means not only aging population growing, but also the long-term care becoming an issue.

From 21 to 24, 2018, the “Taiwan Int’l Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show” and the “Taiwan Int’l Medical and Healthcare Exhibition” were jointly exhibited at the Taipei World Trade Center, showing the combination of IoT, AI and the medical care industry and creating a complete healthcare ecosystem.

This time, QNAP cooperated with Zcon to exhibit their their product. AfoBot is originally a great life assistant for your elderly family members. You can set up daily reminders for: measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, doctor’s appointments, taking medicine, exercises, gatherings and more.Now you can install the “i-GlucoPal Anbao” application on AfoBot, with arm electronic blood pressure monitor and voice infrared forehead thermometer, and AfoBot can be a health manager!

It can measure blood sugar, blood pressure and so on, and data would be notified by voice and uploaded to the cloud storage for long-term tracking and management. The most impressive feature is  the characteristics of “non-invasive”, “painless” and “no blood”, so that everyone can easily use.

Besides, the product had also cooperated with pharmacists in the Taichung Wuri, to assist the villagers in measuring blood sugar and blood pressure. After the measurement was completed, the pharmacist would explain the meaning of the data indicators and provide free consultation. For those who are interested in AofoBot, please visit the official website for further information and follow the fanspage for real-time activities!

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