Computex 2018 : Livecast how Ubuntu easily building an IoT environment

At the Computex 2018, QNAP and Ubuntu Technical lecturer, Rex,  introduced how to easily build an IoT environment. Rex has long been active in Taiwan’s open source community, such as Ubuntu, OpenStreetMap, etc., and is a co-founder of the Hacking Thursday developer community. Besides, he currently assists companies in importing Ubuntu systems for commercial applications.

Ubuntu Core is a system version built specifically for the IoT environment. Taking the Ubuntu Jam held in Shenzhen in 2016 as an example, the QNAP team built a water quality monitoring system to solve the urban roof dilemma. The system consisted of  Ubuntu Core and Raspberry Pi, and was equipped with sensors that could sense ultraviolet light, temperature, humidity, pH value and conductivity. Finally, the data would transfer to NAS and the cloud by Lora. In this way, it can monitor water quality remotely in different environments.

The latest Ubuntu version is 18.04 (since April 2018), not only retains the user experience of version 16.04, but also integrates GNOME Shell 3.28 desktop environment and lightDM login system. Besides, it can customize various desktop environment functions through Extensions, protect the eyes by built-in night mode, and easily control by mouse and remote control. Finally, the media function is integrated into the system that it can conveniently play music such as rhythmbox and Spotify.

Another new advantage is the minimal install. Ubuntu 18.04 desktop board removes about 80 preset built-in desktop software, suitable for users who prefer custom software, leaving the hard disk space to valuable information. The live broadcast also mentioned that many AI companies that are doing visual recognition need a lot of space to store photos, which can be combined with NAS multimedia functions to make faster image classification.

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