How QIoT Suite Lite store sensor data

Qhistoricdata v1.1

In previous design, user need to add QDatabase to store data, however most of the user feedback wants to automatically store all the data accordingly. So that after QIoT v1.1 once using the QBroker node, the data will auto save to database and don’t need to use QDatabase anymore. All the data from QBroker (in), will store in the QDatabase, and user can use QHistoricData to retrieves the maximum, minimum, and average value stored in the QDdatabase

To access sensor data quickly, user can use QHistoricData directly, this node retrieves the maximum, minimum, and average value stored in the QDdatabase.

Qhistoricdata v1.1

  1. Select Thing
  2. Select Resource
  3. Select the resolution
  4. Select the interval
  5. Select the range
  6. Read the sample code to learn how to use date range query
  7. Click the Done button to save the settings
  8. Click the Save button to deploy the node

This modification speed-up the data collect process.  If user wants to access raw data and customize own query, just follow these tutorial:

  1. How to install other modules in QIoT Suite Lite NodeRED?  
  2. Install MongoDB NodeRED module :
  3. How to establish a MongoDB to connect with QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite?

then user can add MongoDB NodeRED module, and use the DB function accordingly.


MongoDB & QIoT

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