Computex 2018 : Lite-On, QNAP and AWS Greengrass showcase the collaboration results of edge computing


Cloud computing is an indispensable and important player behind the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, VR, and AR. However, in the case of unstable network rates, the problem of computational delay cannot be avoided, thus leading to the rise of edge operations. Edge computing is a decentralized computing architecture that decomposes the entire service entirely from the central node, cutting it into smaller and more manageable parts, and distributing it to edge nodes for processing.


The trend of edge computing applications has now been blown to Taiwan. In Computex 2018, Lite-On and QNAP had jointly demonstrated the results of the edge computing cooperation.It made NAS devices to operate directly at the local end, and make environmental monitoring more immediate. The data collected from IoT devices , such like temperature, humidity, air quality, etc., would be connected to the back-end NAS devices via LoRa or Sigfox IoT gateways that are transmitted over long distances and processed directly on the NAS.

QNAP adopts AWS edge computing service Greengrass, connecting Lite-On’s sensors to NAS that can be executed within the region’s network. In addition to storage functions, it also has the ability to perform near-site operations and AI processing. AWS cloud services can be run directly on the NAS device, and the final analysis results will be visually presented on the dashboard, allowing senior managers to quickly make decisions based on the results.

Because it is processed at the local end, even if there is no network, the stored data can be processed on the NAS device first, and then the cloud is restored after the network is restored. The on-site commentator also stated that the application could be used in smart factories or agriculture in the future to provide more immediate environmental monitoring. At present, Qnap has conducted small-scale testing in its own factory and plans to launch commercial products in the future.

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