AWS Summit Taipei : QNAP and IEI showcase edge computing results of IoT

After Computex 2018, the following technical forum, AWS Summit Taipei had crowed in at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) from June 27th to 28th.  There were experts lecture, seminars and exhibitions on this forum, to demonstrate its achievements with partners in technology development and the IoT ecosystem.

In this activity, AWS elucidated the new trend of development of the Internet of Things and provided a new perspective for solutions and market dynamics. The Internet of Things is a goal that Taiwan’s industry, government, and academia are striving to develop in recent years. As the world’s premier cloud service provider, AWS includes AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT Enterprise Button, and Alexa-based voice assistant through its product offerings. Services to help Taiwan integrate with global industries and develop its own IoT ecosystem and supply chain.

IEI and QNAP’s Internet of Things applications are the results of tripartite cooperation. IEI proposes a series of applications that combine different sensors with RS485 or LoRa wireless communication modules. The collected data includes temperature, humidity, and other important environmental measurement parameters, which are transmitted to NAS system; and edge calculations are performed in AWS Greengrass deployed on the system to provide data analysis services for automated control or process monitoring.

  • IEI TANK (AIoT Development Kit)

Although AWS is well-known for providing platform technologies and services, through close cooperation with partners and the development of a mutually beneficial IoT business model, it is still possible to open up new applications and continue to push AWS forward.

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