COMPUTEX 2018 : QuAI combines Intel OpenVINO to develop AI medical applications

The macula is on the center of the retina and responsible for generating accurate color vision. However, with age or myopia up to 800 degrees, macular degeneration may occur. With 3C products, more and more phubbers addicted with their smartphone, which causes their eyes aging. However, early macular degeneration usually does not affect vision performance. Until something wrong with their eyes, patient would consult the doctor and find it become seriously.

In the past, doctors diagnosed macular degeneration mostly relying on experience. However, with the development of AI medical applications, doctors now have faster and more accurate tools for diagnosing disease. In 2018 COMPUTEX, QNAP and Intel exhibited a medical module, based on the doctor’s judgment of four different stages of macular degeneration, and more than 20,000 photos of macular images to train the QuAI system.


The advantage of using NAS as a server is not only the convenience of data storage, but also the ability of edge computing can speed up the judgment process; QuAI with Open VINO CPU can also reduce the training speed of the model.

As the demonstration on COMPUTEX, the different computing speed between Intel and general CPUs is more than 20 times.

Now the system has cooperated with Taipei City Hospital. In the future, more AI integration can be expected in the development of medical applications. For more instant information, please follow the Facebook fans page of QNAP !

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