COMPUTEX 2018 : QNAP combines Amazon Greengrass to demonstrate the AI detection system

Computex 2018

COMPUTEX 2018 is open from June 5 to 9. The highly anticipated COMPUTEX Forum will focus on “Ubiquitous Intelligence”, where industry leaders from Taiwan and abroad will share their insights on technology trends and propel innovation into future IT fields.  At COMPUTEX 2018, blockchain and 5G are added as new themes for the first time, alongside existing AI, IoT, Innovations & Startups, and Gaming & VR in four different venues (Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 and Hall 3, and Taipei International Conference Center), inviting local and  international suppliers to join hands to create a new future for the technology industry.

QNAP  took the lead on June 5 to showcase the latest IoT solution in 2018. At this exhibition, QNAP used AWS edge computing service, AWS Greengrass, to create NAS devices that can perform operations on the local network domain. Its system allows cloud services to run directly on NAS devices, allowing NAS to store more than just near-computing and even AI analysis.

In the past, QIoT 3 was only used to collect data and find out the rules engine, which was finally presented on the Dashboard.This year, it adds  the AI elements, to develop detection system for image recognition.This system includes three main platform – QuAI, QIoT, and Amazon Greengrass. First, we use the camera and QIoT to collect image data and then it would be sent to the QuAI, to train the recognition capabilities of  AI model. the trained model could be deployed to QNAP. NAS, IEI DRPC, IEI TANK, and other products to process the basic operations to save the bandwidth required of cloud upload. Therefore, the final outcome would be uploaded to the Greengrass cloud platform for data storage, integration, and advanced analysis.

QNAP actually demonstrated how the detection system worked on the exhibition. Those who are interested in QuAI, QIoT and Amazon AWS Greengrass, please click here for more information!

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