In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up IFROGLAB LORA GATEWAY on QNAP/ IEI

Step 1

Please insert the plug-in from the iFrogLab LoRa USB device into the QNAP or IEI device, make sure the device is in the same internet environment as your PC.

iFrogLab LoRa can work under 3 LoRa device

  1. iFrog LoRa IL-LoRa1272 and USB to port
  2. iFrog LoRa node and USB to serial
  3. liFrog LoRa USB

Step 2

Install  Qfinder

Step 3

Open Qfinder,and click your device on the network list to open the Admin back-end qts system step

Step 4

Log in QTS,make sure the default username and password are both “admin”

Step 5

Click App enter in QTS , search and download  “Container Station”

Step 6

  • Open“Container Station” > click  Build Container” >  enter “ifroglab” on search bar >download  iFrogLab LoRa Gateway Container 
  • Or you can download in SSH command $ docker pull ifroglab/loragateway:latest

Step 7

Install SSH software on your PC

  • Windows PuTTY
  • Mac terminal
  • Linux terminal

Step 8

Open SSH or PuTTY,Open QNAP or iEi device IP address

The default username and password of QNAP QTS are both “admin”

Step 9

Check Lora USB or USB to serial Linux driver is working correctly

$ ls  /dev/tty*

if working, you should get:

/ dev / ttyAMC0

/ dev / ttyUSB0

Step 10

Execute LoRa gateway thoght below command

$ docker run -p 82:80 -p 3306:3306 –device=/dev/ttyACM0 -i -t ifroglab/loragateway:latest /


$ docker run -p 82:80 -p 3306:3306 –device=/dev/ttyACM0 -i -t ifroglab/loragateway:latest /

  • Change “/ dev / ttyACM0” to the device name of step 10.
  • 82:80 is the front-end website port number 82.

Step 11

Open the browser and link to http://QNAP IP address:82 (for example, http:///


For LoRaNode, see LoRaNode Tutorial

any question about the iFrogLab, welcome to write email

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