QNAP shares how to use QIOT and the experience of 2018 Fishackathon in AI_ROBOT@STSP

AI_ROBOT@STSP is a national innovation makerspace which is setting up with DIY equipment and fabrication studios such as TechShop, and it aims at creating a smart robot education training space. On May 26, 2018, from 1:30 to 5:00 pm, it held the third “IoT x Maker Internet of Things Community Exchange Forum” and invited IoT experts from different backgrounds, including Felix Lin, the founder of Attic Education; Chen Chiung-Liang , the teacher of Aletheia University, and famous maker-Ke and so on.

Anderson Zheng, the business development manager of QNAP, was also invited to share the how to use QNAP QIoT Suite Lite and QBoat Sunny to build the Internet of Things. Besides, he also shared the experience of 2018 fishackathon, how  QNAP assisted OceanFox to use QBoat Sunny to create a water quality monitoring and notification system.

This system is designed to solve the water pollution problem and pursue the sustainability of water resources. The submarine will be released at the source of a river upstream and automatically return to its base after reaching the sea. Furthermore, it is equipped with sensors for monitoring temperature, colors, oxygen level, and water pressure; GPS, etc. Finally,  the collected data will be updated to QBoat Sunny and backuped in cloud for further analyzing.


On this event, not only professional makers but also beginners can all benefited a great deal. Moreover, more IoT applications can be stimulated in the future!

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