How to install openHAB and connect to a Z-wave device in QNAP Container Station

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install openHAB in QNAP Container Station and create a “Home automation” environment.

There are two part of this tutorial:

  • Basic installation
  • Advanced installation – connect with a Z-wave device

In Z-wave device, we take example by using “Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5”


Basic installation

  • Create an “openHAB” container
    1. Open Container Station and click “Create”
    2. Search for “openHAB”
    3. Find the “openHAB” container and click “Install”
    4. Enter name for the container and click “Advanced Settings”
    5. In “Network”, configure the Port Forwarding setting
    6. In “Shared Folders”, configure the Volume from host settings as below:
      /openhab/addons : custom openHAB addons
      /openhab/conf : openHAB configs
      /openhab/userdata : openHAB userdata directory

      *Notes : You need create “addons”,”conf “,”userdata” folders into anyone shared folder in File Station.

    7. Click “Create”
    8. In “Containers”, you will see the openHAB container you have set up


  • Go to openHAB
  1. Enter the URL followed by the port


HTTP – http://<Your IP>:18080/
HTTPS – https://<Your IP>:18443/

  1. The openHAB initial setup screen will be displayed. Choose “Standard”. For more information on the setup process, refer to the openHAB website:
  2. Choose “PAPER UI”. The openHAB interface will be displayed

Advanced installation – connect with a Z-wave device


  1. Connect a Z-wave dongle device
  2. Connect to your NAS using SSH (If your NAS restarts then you must follow step 2 to step 5 again)
  3. Enter “insmod /usr/local/modules/cdc-acm.ko”
  4. Find your Z-wave USB dongle device name and enter “ls -al /dev/tty*”. Search for /dev/ttyACM*and the related device paths will be displayedFor example: “/dev/ttyACM0” will be the device path name of the Z-wave USB dongle.
  5. Enter “chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0” to open read only authority (The blue strings will depend on your settings)
  6. Enter
  7. Open openHAB and go to “Add-ons”. In “BINDINGS”, search for “zwave” and click “INSTALL”
  8. Go to “Configuration” > “Things” and click
  9. Click “Z-Wave Binding”


  1. Click “Z-Wave Serial Controller”
  2. In “Serial Port”, enter the device path name (refer to step 3) and click “Check”


  1. When connected, the status will display “ONLINE”


For more information, refer to the openHAB website:

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2 thoughts on “How to install openHAB and connect to a Z-wave device in QNAP Container Station

  1. In the installation instructions, one of the steps has the following note:
    “*Notes : You need create “addons”,”conf “,”userdata” folders into anyone shared folder in File Station.”

    What is the “anyone shared folder”? I can’t find such a folder as “anyone”.

  2. Mårtensson Thomas

    Create tjat folder yourself. I named it openhab. And then the named folders inside that.

    Anyway.. I have a Q.. I did as instructed.. after that. The server never went to sleep. Always writing to disk mainly from some java prosess. Had to stop the docker to get it to settle down.. any thoughts?

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