QNAP demonstrates the water monitoring system of 2018 Fishackathon in Dahu Park.

In 2018 Fishackathon, QNAP cooperated with Lai Chien-Hung to organize the “Ocean Fox” team to participate this competition. With the monitoring system “Formosan salmon submarine sampling system”, they won the appraisal and the championship.This system not only create solutions to challenges facing the world’s oceans and fisheries, but also succeeded in attracting media attention of TVBS.

Recently, team was invited by TVBS to demonstrate this system in Dahu Park. Tim, one of the team member, explained how QBoat Sunny work in this system. It can be regarded as a data collector and connected to sensors to collect temperature, colors, oxygen level, and water pressure; GPS, etc. After checking the sensors and cameras, then we can start the exploration task underwater.

The members put the submarine  into the pool, and then operate the remote to control it. After the submarine entered the lake three to five meters into the lake, we can see that the lake is highly nutritious. At the same time, wireless communication technology has uploaded the collected information to the cloud for further data analysis of the quality of water.

Guo Zhen-sheng, the member said: “General testing can only detect shoreside water sources. With this system, it can save the human resources .” “Water issues are been discussed in Taiwan for a long time,” Lai said, a well-known Taiwanese member of maker and hackathon communities and a PhD student of department of electrical engineering, National Taipei University Technology now.“The future goal is to allow all kinds of vehicles to be equipped with various sensors, connecting the Internet of Things and cloud technologies. Therefore, a new business model could be expected.”



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