QNAP and Ocean Fox win the 2018 Fishackathon Championship!

Fishackathon was first organized by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships in 2014, and it inspired the creation of digital solutions to address sustainable fisheries challenges.Overfishing and other serious problems harm marine environments and can devastate already-struggling, small-scale fishing marketplaces and communities, many of them in developing countries. Protections exist, but actual enforcement faces major obstacles.To combat this, Fishackathon brings together thousands of concerned designers, developers, and subject matter experts for a weekend to build practical tech solutions to endemic problems defined by the world’s most respected fisheries experts.

This past February at StarRocket in SYNTREND, teams in Taipei competed in the 2018 Global Fishackathon to create solutions to challenges facing the world’s oceans and fisheries. QNAP cooperated with Lai Chien-Hung to organize the “Ocean Fox” team to participate this competition. With the monitoring system “Formosan salmon submarine sampling system”, they won the appraisal and the championship.

This system is designed to solve the water pollution problem and pursue the sustainability of water resources. The submarine will be released at the source of a river upstream and automatically return to its base after reaching the sea. Furthermore, it is equipped with sensors for monitoring temperature, colors, oxygen level, and water pressure; GPS, etc. Finally,  the collected data will be updated to QBoat Sunny and backuped in cloud for further analyzing.

Lai Chien-Hung is a well-known Taiwanese member of maker and hackathon communities and a PhD student of department of electrical engineering, National Taipei University Technology now. After this competition, QNAP also invited Lai to attend the live-stream introducing How QBoat Sunny is Deployed in Their Water Protection Solution.

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