How to install other modules in QIoT Suite Lite NodeRED?


  1. Connect to your NAS via SSH.
  2. Enter the command “system-docker exec -ti qiot-node-red bash“.
  3. Go to the node-red directory: “cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red
  4. Use the node that npm needs for installation (for example: “npm install node-red-contrib-chatbot“)
  5. Leave SSH and open QIoT Suite Lite.
  6. Stop your IoT Application and then start it again. You will see the module you just added. (Some module require you to stop and re-start QIoT Suite Lite from the QTS APP Center)

*Note: If your module uses GCC compiler or modifies the OS interface, then the module may not work even if successfully installed.

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