QNAP Showcases QBoat Sunny and AfoBot at Future Commerce 2018

2018 Future Commerce had take place on Taipei Expo Park from April 26 to 29.“Beyond Boundary”,the theme of this year, was aimed at breaking the industry deadlock of Taiwan. This exhibition attracted nearly 100 enterprises to demonstrate their latest technologies and new business models.

“Maker Market”was one of the topic among the various issues. Due to the  maturity of open source software, hardware and community, makers can easily share information and constantly bring forth new ideas into market. Iiterally, the formation of“Maker Economy”had become a mainstream.

This year, QNAP cooperated with Chien-Hung Lai and Zhen-sheng Guo , members of OceanFox, the 2018 Fishackathon Taiwan winning team, to participate Future Commerce. In that contest, they developed a freshwater quality monitoring system, which was implanted with the QNAP QBoat Sunny as IoT mini server.

The QBoat Sunny is a dedicated single-board Internet of Things (IoT) mini server for IoT developers, measuring only 12cm x 12cm (without heatsink), and provides high expandability for connecting almost any type of IoT application. Besides, rule engine criteria and subsequent actions can be processed locally for you to create a small-scale/private IoT application with minimal costs. The QBoat Sunny can also reduce bandwidth and cloud processing costs of large scale/public IoT solutions by using it as a fog computing server/gateway to filter and relay data to public clouds.

AfoBot is another display of this exhibition.It is equipped with turnable 8-inch screen, which provides viewing angles of 170 degrees and can turn left and right for 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the camera can tilt up and down for 100 degrees and use voice commands to take photos. AfoBot has 32 GB storage space and photos and can be uploaded to a free cloud storage space as soon as they are taken.

The mobile application – AfoTalk, supports group calls with up to 4 parties in the call at the same time. With AfoTalk, you can always check up on your family with just one button press. The Android version is now available on Google Play, and the iOS version will be released recently. AfoBot is also a great life assistant for your elderly family members. You can set up daily reminders for: measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, doctor’s appointments, taking medicine, exercises, gatherings and more. Besides,it can support many mainstream entertainment applications, including KKBOX and others.

The QNAP team demonstrated how these two products can be applied into Internet of Things on the spot. As you can see, QBoat Sunny was connected to OpenHAB (Open Smart Home Platform) and  Philips smart light bulbs. Finally, we can fully control the luminosity of the light bulb through AfoBot.

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QBoat SunnyAfoBot

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