Monitor your home appliances via chatbot on QBoat Sunny


  • QBoat Sunny
    • QIoT Suite Lite
    • QUSBCam2
  • MediaTek LinkIt 7697
  • Relay and power plug (Refer to this article: Web Controlled Socket by Arduino written by LaiSan.) Follow the instructions to install the relay and power plug.
  • USB webcam
  • AP Wireless Router
  • Lamp
  • A Facebook account





The MediaTek LinkIt 7697 is the HTTP Wi-Fi controller. You can decide to turn the relay on or off after receiving an HTTP request. AC power on as replay on, AC off when the relay is off.


The MediaTek LinkIt 7697 connects to the input switch of reply by P3, and provides 5VDC and GND for operating the relay module.


The AP wireless router allows QBoat Sunny and the MediaTek LinkIt 7697 to communicate with each other, and QBoat Sunny can get a fixed IP and web address from WAN from the myQNAPcloud service.


There are various chatbot applications scenarios. It is possible to build a chatbot (for Facebook Messenger) using Chatfuel. You can view footage from a USB webcam on QBoat Sunny by sending a HTTP request, you can also send a request to turn on or off lights to QBoat Sunny to let it decides actions. Then it will send the footage to the chatbot after it turns the lights on or off.






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