How to use Mass Deployment on QNAP QIoT Suite Lite

How to use Mass Deployment on QNAP QIoT Suite Lite

Mass deployment can help you upload infromation & resourceinfo.json, and commands via SSH to multiple devices ( Only for devices support SSH with port number 22 )


Setting Device connection

  •  Create the Thing and setup the resource



  • Choose the Thing you want to set up and then click the “Setup” button



  • Enter the device connection information:
      Hostname : <IP Address>
    User Name : <User Name>
    Password : <Password>



  • You can test the entered information is correct by clicking “Test Connect”. When finished, click “Save”




Setting Deploy information

  •  Click “Deplocy” button:



  • In “Code”, there are two ways to deploy code to things :
    • Sample Code: Upload a file containing sample code provided by QNAP using your chosen protocol to your specified “Destination Folder”. After setting, click “Deploy” to deploy to your device


    • Custom Code: Upload your own code to your devices
      “Name”: Enter a name for the code
       “Destination Folder”: Enter a “destination path”
       “Source Code Package”: Upload a zip file containing your code  (* This must be a zip file no larger than 50MB. After uploading your file to QIoT Suite Lite and clicking deploy, the file will be automatically unzipped to your device)



  • In “Resourceinfo & Certificates” : You can setup the deployment of the json file, to things
    • Destination Folder: Enter a destination path
    • Choose protocol: Choose whether to use MQTT, MQTTS, HTTP, HTTPS, or COAP (*If you choose MQTTS, you must set an SSH certificate and upload the certificate to the Destination Folder. You can also choose to use existing certificate or to create a new certificate) .  After setting, click “Deploy”



  • In “Command Execution” : You can remotely run commands to start the service of your things.The commands and records will be saved in your home path (for example: ~/bundle)
  • Click “Run” to send commands to your device



Mass Deployment 

  • Choose multiple “things” and click “Deploy” to set all of the things’ deployment information at the same time (*All of the things must complete the “Connection Setup” )


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