QNAP AfoBot in cross-industry collaboration with KKBOX! Let your voice do the talking

Taipei, Taiwan (Jan 11, 2018) – QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced in 2017 that it would step into the AI arena and extend its reach to the smart home market by introducing their first video companion – AfoBot. QNAP announced on the 11th that it would partner with the leading Asian digital music brand KKBOX and introduce smart voice music-on-demand services. With AfoBot’s advanced technologies like fuzzy voice comparison and natural language systems, users can use intuitive verbal commands to ask AfoBot to play songs and easily enjoy over 40 million songs on KKBOX.

Smart home, smart music
KKBOX has been devoted to deeply extending its reach to songs of different styles and different scenarios over the years and through machine learning and data analysis, exclusive songs are recommended to users depending on their preferences to enhance every music lover’s personal experience. KKBOX has good expectations of the development of music in smart home devices and believes it will be one of the most demanded items. The collaboration with AfoBot should provide music lovers with the ability to enjoy music easily in a smart home setting.

Intelligent voice recognition
The smart home robot AfoBot has successfully analyzed complicated Chinese syntax and lexical meanings after over a year of continuous tests and solved the issues of homophones and optimized semantic fuzziness with the creation of rich and complete language data to give users the ability to avoid using standardized expressions when using voice commands. This means even commands in colloquial expressions can achieve accurate semantic analysis and quickly play the right song.

Aaron Lee, VP of the Consumer Solution Business Division of QNAP expressed “KKBOX is in a leading position in the Asian music industry, and has the largest collection of Chinese songs. Coupled with AfoBot’s smart voice services, it will change the experience of the audience. I expect that AfoBot can act in a way that is closer to human nature to make the sounds of music exist everywhere and create a music world that is free, convenient and without boundaries!”

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