QNAP video companion robot AfoBot debuts! New smart home device to let you keep in touch, wherever you are

Taipei, Taiwan (Dec 22, 2017) – QNAP® Systems, Inc. introduced its first video companion robot – AfoBot. Starting from a family life setting and coupled with the new trend of voice recognition technology, AfoBot can easily start video interactions, life assistant services, and provide voice-controlled entertainment for a smarter home. After being first displayed at Computex Taipei 2017, QNAP started integrating application services and optimizing the user experience, and is now ready to launch AfoBot!

The AfoBot operating system is based on Android™ 6 and carries on the user experience of Android mobile phones or tablets that means even children or the elderly can use it with ease. Aaron Lee, VP of the Consumer Solution Business Division of QNAP expressed that “Technology should be close to human nature and improve our lives. But as there is a digital divide in terms of knowledge on the user’s part, technology tends to have a gap in their uses.” Therefore we switched to voice controls to integrate AfoBot into family life to continue the real experience of family companionship and interactions.

Get closer with AfoTalk

Users can combine their mobile device and the AfoTalk mobile app to conduct video calls with the AfoBot at their home. AfoBot’s convenient auto pickup function gives you the ease to pick up automatically without letting go of your task at hand when a video call arrives. AfoBot’s face tracking function can track and follow the direction of the person speaking. The speaker can walk freely during the video call. Life-like calling experiences, giving you a feeling of companionship without the barrier of distance.

AfoBot can also take photos and record videos. It even allows you to add 3 family members at once to achieve a 4-party call. No matter how far away and how busy you are, you can always connect with your family. The AfoTalk app can remotely control AfoBot for viewing your home environment. AfoBot can rotate itself 360 degrees for full coverage of your home environment.

Voice controls for multimedia and taking photos

AfoBot works with many multimedia content providers including KKBOX. All the user needs to do is use voice control to play music or listen to a radio broadcast. AfoBot can make fuzzy comparisons of voice commands and is equipped with the ability to recognize natural language. Voice commands do not need to be totally accurate. Convenient functional design with friendly appearance.

When the family is having fun together, you cannot miss AfoBot! The 5-megapixel camera with F2.0 aperture allows for taking high-quality photos and videos even in poor lighting conditions. Record beautiful moments anytime. AfoBot has 32GB on-board storage with 10GB free cloud storage space for storing photos and videos. With AfoTalk, you can upload your photos to share with your family.

Smart reminders for the best life assistant

AfoBot provides many practical life assistance functions. Thoughtful alarm functions that not only can wake people up, but can also be set to count down to remind people of handling everyday tasks. For example, reminding when to turn off the stove when you are cooking or keeping an eye on how long children can watch TV or play games. All you need is talk to AfoBot by saying “Hi AfoBot, set the alarm to 10 minutes later” and you will never miss it. Furthermore AfoBot integrates weather information. All you need to do is ask “Hi AfoBot, How’s the weather today?” Bring extra clothing and an umbrella when you go out, then no need to worry again.

Family-centered smart home experiences!

AfoBot provides Qmarket that supports Qfile, Qphoto, Qmusic and other QNAP mobile apps. If the user already has a QNAP NAS, AfoBot can stream and play video files stored on the NAS. AfoBot will continue to integrate multiple content providers and AI smart applications, and bring more conveniences to your family life. Meiji Chang, General Manager of QNAP expressed “2017 is reputed to be the first year of AI in Taiwan and we expect the evolution of AfoBot’s intelligence will give family members the ability to enjoy all kinds of digital content and to embrace interactive intelligence in the era of robots.”

About QNAP
QNAP Systems, Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge Network-attached Storage (NAS) and video surveillance solutions based on the principles of usability, high security, and flexible scalability. QNAP offers quality NAS products for home and business users, providing solutions for storage, backup/snapshot, virtualization, teamwork, multimedia, and more. QNAP envisions NAS as being more than “simple storage”, and has created many NAS-based innovations to encourage users to host and develop Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions on their QNAP NAS.

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