How to solve the problem when using different port of QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41

In QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41, it has avoided some well-known port (e.g., http-8080, https-443), but it will also confront some specific problems. Thus, we list some port for QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.41 used to avoid conflict.

There are some ports been listed as follow to provide interior system to connect with outer devices (Port of Qgateway must be connect with outer connection, in this way, it can connect with devices)


System Ports
QIoT Suite Lite interface http(default:8080) and https(default:443) are according to port that QTS system set.
Qgateway-QIoT Suite Lite Data Gateway System TCP-23000 (http)

TCP-28883 (mqtts)

UDP-25683 (coap)

TCP-21883 (mqtt)

TCP-23443 (https)

TCP-23100 (reserved)

Qcontral-QIoT Suite Lite Control System TCP-8700 
Qdeploy-QIoT Suite Lite device Deployment System TCP-21501
QIoT Suite Lite API TCP-21500
Qrule-QIoT Suite Lite Rule Engine TCP-21400
Qdatabase-QIoT Suite Lite System Database TCP-37017


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