How to solve the problem that cannot login when updating QIoT Suite Lite to v1.0

In this lesson, we will introduce how to solve the problem that cannot login afterr upgrade from QIoT Suite Lite v0.9.0 to QIoT Suite Lite v1.0.09. Since the Cookie Path of v0.9 and v1.0 is different; thus you have to clean a cache and login again that you can get into the QIoT Application. The following are the solution steps:

1. When you login that appearing the following screen:

2. Go to Google Chrome Settings page (Website:chrome://settings/).

3. Click “Advanced” → “Content Settings” → “Cookies”
En 3-1 En 3-2

4. In All cookies and site data “Search cookies” enter NAS “IP” or “hostname”.
En 4

5. Click right side “remove” button, and you can finish the clean.
En 5-1

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