Connect Linkit 7688(Duo) to QNAP NAS – Lesson 1


Lesson 1 Configure your device

In this lesson, you configure your Linkit 7688 device with an operating system, set up your development environment, and deploy an application to Linkit 7688.

There are three parts:

A: What will you need

B: Set up your Linkit 7688(Duo) connect the network

Part A: What will you need & Getting start

  • What will your need
    • A Linkit 7688 (Duo)
    • Power Supply :
      • The Linkit 7688 is powered by a USB Micro power supply (like most standard mobile phone charger).
      • You’ll need a good-quality power supply that can supply at least 1A at 5V for the Linkit 7688.
    • A Wifi AP
  • Power on your Linkit 7688(Duo)
    Power on LinkIt Smart development board by using any USB power source, for example your computer and a micro USB cable .Please see the below picture.Make sure you connect the cable to the Power (PWR) connector, not the USB host (HOST) connector near the MPU reset button. The green ON LED (Power on) will light up solid first, followed by a blink from the orange Wi-Fi LED (bootloader initialization). Then, after about 5 seconds, the device boot up starts and the orange LED will light up solid for about 30 seconds.


Part B: Set up your Linkit 7688(Duo) connect the network

  • Turn AP mode
    • After boot up, the Wi-Fi LED turns off. This means the system is ready to accept Wi-Fi connection.
    •  If not, please press the Wi-Fi Reset button for at least 5 seconds and release to turn AP mode.


  • Wi-Fi LED Status and System Status as below picture. (image source : Mediatek Lab)


image source : Mediatek Lab

  • Go to your Wifi settings and choose “LinkIt_Smart_7688_XXXXXXX”. The “XXXXXXX” is MAC address of your Linkit 7688.


圖片 1

  •  When joined the Linkit Smart Nework , open “http://mylinkit.local” or “” in your web browser
    • In log in page, set a password or enter the password that you already set up
    • default username is root .
    • (optional) Linkit7688  will use local domain “mylinkit.local”.If you can’t access the domain, Please install Bonjour Print Services will help you find Linkit IP address.



  • When you already login, click “Network” tab and “Station Mode ” radio button to set up the Wifi AP you will connect and ensure your PC and LinkIt at the same network. Click “CONFIGURE & RESTART ” to complete to set network.


  • After you had finish setting , change your PC network the same as Linkit network.

Please visit QNAP github for QIoT Suite Lite sample code


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