Connect Indoor Environment Kit to QNAP NAS – Lesson 3

In this lesson, you will know how QIoT Suite Lite collect, control and interact with your device sensors. There are four parts as follows:

A: Dashboard Visualization in QIoT Suite Lite

B: Control your device by Rule Engine

A Dashboard Visualization in QIoT Suite Lite

  • Navigate to the Dashboard section in the IoT Applications panel as follows.

Dashboard of Indoor Env Kit

  • You can see how dashboard reflect the sensor status in real-time by rotating the encoder, clicking the button or measure the moisture of soil.

B Control your device by Rule Engine

  • The sample rule engine provides you the default action between sensors. Visit the Node-Red advanced dashboard to see how to interact with your sensor devices.

Node Red Advanced Dashboard

Node Red Advanced Dashboard


  • Let’s try to make your sensor devices rock by the advanced dashboard UI.
    • Turn on/off the relay
      • The relay light goes on when clicking the switch button.
    • Spin the Analog Servo
      • Adjust the angle value to spin the Servo.
    • Play notes with your Buzzer
      • Set and submit the value of volume and delay. The buzzer will play the notes by your request.
    • Alarm on when the illumination is low.
      • The sample rule set the buzzer rings when the illumination value is lower than 10. You can cover the light sensor to lower the illumination value.


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