Connect Indoor Environment Kit to QNAP NAS – Lesson 2

In this lesson, you provision your QNAP QIoT Suite Lite software and create your device in QIoT Suite Lite. There are four parts as follows:

A: Install QIoT Suite Lite

B: Import a new sample application

C: Install sample code on Intel Edison

D: Run sample code on Intel Edison and connect to QIoT

A Install QIoT Suite Lite

  • Go to QNAP App Center and download QIoT Suite Lite software

App Center

  • Launch and log in QIoT Suite Lite software. Use NAS admin and password to login.

QIoT Suite Lite


B Import a new sample application

  • Download the sample application file: iot_inbox.json.
  • Import the application file in the IoT Application Panel.

Import Application file

  • Click the created application: iot_inbox

Navigate Application

  • Connect a Device by MQTTS

Connect a Device by MQTTS

  • Download Certificates

Download MQTTS Certificates

Download MQTTS Certificates 2

  • Download resource info file

Download resource info file

C Install sample code on Intel Edison

  • Open a terminal application on your computer and connect to Intel Edison via ssh.
  • Download sample code.
root@Edison:~# git clone
  • Upload certificate files and resource info file into Edison.
    • Download FileZilla client tool to upload files to Edison with following connection information.
    • filezilla
      • Host: <the IP address of your Edison>
      • Port: 22
      • Username: root
      • Password: <password defined in setup tools>
    • After connecting to your Edison, please upload following files to destination folder.
      • Downloaded certificate files -> Edison_side/ssl/
      • Downloaded resourceinfo file -> Edison_side/res/

D Run sample code on Intel Edison and connect to QIoT

  • On your Intel Edison, open Terminal application.
  • Run the sample code which downloaded from Git.
root@Edison:~# cd ./Intel-Edison-QIot-Indoor/Edison_side/
root@Edison:~# npm install

Run in foreground mode:

root@Edison:~# node boot.js

Run in non-stop background mode:

root@Edison:~# sh
  • After the scripted executed in a few seconds, your Edison will try to connect to QIoT by MQTTS after clicking the button and the connected message will display in your LCD component.


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