Connect Indoor Environment Kit to QNAP NAS – Lesson 1

In this lesson, you will configure your Intel Edison with Indoor Environment Kit. There are four parts which shows how to do it:

A: What you will need

B: Download Intel Edison drivers

C: Configure your device

D: Install Nodejs and required libraries

A What you will need

  • An Intel Edison board
  • Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison
  • 1 Micro B to Type A USB cables
  • A power supply with 7-15V DC and 1500mA at least
  • A Wifi AP


B Download Intel Edison drivers


C Configure your device

  • Get started with Intel Edison and Indoor Environment Kit with following steps.

Step 1. Assemble the Intel Edison board.

Step 2. Assemble the Indoor Environment Kit.

Step 3. Connect the hardware with following table.

hardware connection

hardware cable connection

The final device kit will be assembled like following picture and it can also be packed in a blue box.

indoor environment kit

Step 4. Run setup tools

Use the setup tool to flash the latest firmware on the Intel® Edison development board via a convenient wizard. The setup tool also lets you enable SSH and Wi-Fi* connectivity to your board, as described in the steps to follow.

Note: Please remember your IP address of Edison. It will be used later.

Install Nodejs and required libraries

  • Open a terminal application on your computer and connect to Intel Edison.
  • Install the latest nodejs and related libraries
root@Edison:~# echo "src intel-iotdk" > /etc/opkg/intel-iotdk.conf
root@Edison:~# opkg update
root@Edison:~# opkg upgrade mraa upm
root@Edison:~# opkg install nodejs


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