Connect Raspberry Pi to QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite


Get started with Raspberry Pi (Nodejs)

In this tutorial, you begin by learning the basics of working with Raspberry Pi that’s running Raspbian which is a free operating system based on Debian optimized for the Raspberry Pi. You then learn how to seamlessly connect your devices to QNAP NAS by using QIoT Suite Lite.

Please ensure your Raspberry Pi and NAS is under the same LAN.

There are four lessons which shows how to do it.

Lesson 1: ConConfigure your device

Lesson 2: Create your device in QIoT Suite Lite

Lesson 3: Connect your device to QIoT Suite Lite using MQTTS

Lesson 4: Integrate Power BI

Please visit QNAP github for QIoT Suite Lite sample code


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