Smart Home NOW! Polo Tecnologico Navacchio 6 Oct 2016

Smart Home NOW! – 6th of Oct. The first QNAP Italy IoT event “Smart Home Now!” in Pisa, Italy.

We demonstrate how to use Arduino Yun to connect to QNAP NAS. We setup Node-Red and dashboard via QIoT container , then the sensor date from Arduino send to the QIoT container via MQTT. We are trying to build a easy, simple way for maker to utilize the data, and build their own cloud solution.

We believe  we could use the technology to enrich our life, and do something more. We participate a Taiwan non profit organization – LASS (Location Aware Sensing System), they focus on the environment protection, and create several  environment detection projects.  You can find LASS community partner list in this link.

More LASS & LASS partner information:

QNAP QIoT tutorial:


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