How to install Docker (x86) in QNAP NAS LXC container?

How to install Docker (x86) in QNAP NAS LXC container?

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Docker in QNAP NAS LXC container (Using x86 NAS model as a sample)



  1. Go to QNAP APP Center to install Container Station and set up your environment
  2. Using SSH into NAS and go to NAS Host to edit “/usr/local/container-station/lxc/share/lxc/config/common.con
    Modify string “ = cgroup:mixed proc:mixed sys:mixedinto “ = proc:mixed sys:mixed
    1. Once you have upgraded Container Station then you may need to follow this step again.
    2. Due to stop cgroup then some parts of LXC container may can not display CPU & RAM status
  3. Go to Container Station > click “Creare” > search for “Ubuntu” with version 16.04 > click Install”
  4. Click Advanced Settings, in Network, set up Bridge as Network Mode
  5. Click Create

  6. Using SSH into NAS
  7. Enter Command into Ubuntu 16.04 Console (This name according to your setting of LUX):

  8. Install Docker with version 17.09.1, you may refer to below commands (Default account & password: ubuntu/ubuntu):


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